Prison Architect PC Review


Prison Architect is out now for the PC and can be Downloaded from Steam HERE.  This is well worth the time and money to get it has some really good game play. The graphics are not that great but there not trying to be they are going for game play.


You can start the game with a little prison or a large one that is you can build a large one or a little one you have a blank canvas and the only thing to limit you is your imagination and maybe some money if your trying to build to fast and not make some money as you go. It has some great strategy and planing ahead to it that you must do. You can’t just throw down some walls and think that will be good, your prisoners will get out if you don’t plan a little just make sure that you play the tutorial to learn the basics.


This game is a buy for me if you like the sim games where you like to micro manage things you will love this or you can just get some really bad guys in there and let them run around inside and see what happens, A LOT OF BLOOD SHED and some dead bodies will come of it.

Youtube game play here.

Thanks to Introversion for the  chance to play this.
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